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The Wholesale Jewelry Connection


Quality Jewelry At Wholesale Prices

The #1 Jewelry Wholesaler On The Internet!
From E-Auctions to Brick & Mortar

You Can Purchase Beautiful Jewelry At 90% BELOW Retail!
Makes Great Gift Ideas!
Buy For Yourself! - Sell on e-bay!


Your new wholesale source is:

*** Check Back Often ***
New Items Are Being Added Constantly!

Start a FUN Business Selling From Home,
Your Own Website, e-auctions
.....Virtually Anywhere!


We offer an Extensive Line of Gold and Silver Jewelry.
We Wholesale Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, and Earrings
as Well as a Full Line of Jewelry Including
Swarovski and Austrian Crystal and Gemstones.

We, Unlike The Others, Do NOT Require
$100 Or More On Minimum Orders!

No Minimum On Any Of Our Jewelry!

We Welcome New Business and
Look Forward to Serving You.

Interested In Re-Selling Our Jewelry?

Click On The JOIN US Link Here Or In Our Navigation Area!

Now, You Can Simply Add a Jewelry Profit Center
to Your Current Business
or Open Your Own Exclusive Jewelry Store!

  • Our Pricing Allows Even Small Dealers Solid Profits;
    Plus, we are dedicated to help each reseller achieve the greatest profit margins available and repeat customers


Our Team of Experienced Jewelry Designers Constantly Produce New Designs Creating a Library of Exclusive and Exciting Jewelry for Retailers to Choose From.

In Order to Stay Ahead of Fashion Trends,
Our Products are Constantly being Updated.
Our Prime Goal is For Your Satisfaction
and Quality Customer Service.

These Affordable Pieces are the Perfect Profit Solution
for Today's Retailer.

Our Quality Products are QUICKLY Making us
a Favorite Among Jewelry Retailers
--of All Sizes!

We Welcome New Business and Look Forward to Helping
You Build Your Business.

Enjoy Shopping in the Comfort of your Home/Office
With our SECURE Online Store.



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Wholesale Jewelry Connection
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