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Wholesale Jewelry Connection

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is your returns policy?

We take Pride in the Quality and Value of Everything we Offer.
Our Guarantee Is For 30 Days Of Purchase, Unless Item Is Stated That
It Cannot Be Returned Due To Health Reasons Body Piercing Jewelry Or Sale Items From Our Liquidator.

If Requesting A Refund You are responsible for the cost of return shipping. Unless the return is the result of our error (ie We Sent Out The Wrong Item or Size).

When returning the item to us....Do not mark on the outside of the package any such words
as gemstone, jewelry, or other words that would entice theft.

The applicable refund will be processed through PayPal™ and the customer
will be notified by email that the funds are available.
We do not have a mechanism for charging back the original credit card.

What type of payments do you accept?

Payment via Paypal™ must be received within 24 hours of the end of the sale. 
PayPal™ Payments can be made through the services
of Paypal™ using VISA™ or MasterCard™ or bank draft.

Money Order Payments MUST be made with a Postal Money Order.
We do accept Business Checks.
We will no longer accept personal checks for payment.
We have experienced too many fraudulent orders that use this payment option.

Is your credit card form secure?

We use PayPal For Taking Credit Card Purchases.
With the industry's most-advanced encryption, fraud prevention, and Buyer and Seller Protection
Policies, PayPal is dedicated to keeping your account safe and secure.

Your privacy is important to us.
By participating in the Council of Better Business Bureau's BBBOnLine®
Privacy Program we have made a commitment to meet the program's strict requirements.

Submitting an order is a legally binding contract.
We expect to be paid for these items immediately.
If you are unable to pay immediately please have the courtesy to let us know
about it and how you are attempting to rectify the situation.

We are Aware That Unexpected Things Happen in Our Lives And We Are Always
Willing To Work With You, Even To Making Small Payments to Us Until The Total Is Met :-)

We DO Report All Individuals, Who Fraudulently Submit Orders, To The Appropriate Government Fraud Agencies.
We Reserve the Right To Refuse a Sale To Anyone Who Has
Defrauded Us In The Past.

How long does it take to process an order?

That Depends On The Item. When Purchasing Items That Are Created Through Our Main Mfg. The Items In That Order Are Created By Hand By Our Jewelry Creators.
Delivery can take up to 2-5 Weeks. Because Each Order is Considered a Custom Order, It Has Become Our Resellers Best Selling Tool.
On Items That Are In Stock, The Web Page Will State That and Expect 7-14 Days Delivery.

Do you use real gemstones?

Yes, In Our Description's we state what Gemstone is used plus... We use Austrian Crystals and now recently added Swarovski Crystals and CZ's to Our Jewelry Line!

What Is Sterling Silver?

Pure Silver, like pure gold is much too soft to to create jewelry. Sterling Silver, otherwise known as 925 Silver is an alloy of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper, the other alloys included in Sterling Silver are used to provide strength.

Is your Sterling Silver jewelry hallmarked with a .925 or sterling stamp?

We use a .925 stamp on all jewelry except certain items which are virtually impossible to stamp.  Our 10k Gold jewelry is also hallmarked with .10k

"What are the ct weight of each item?"?

We produce over 4,000 Ladies Rings alone PLUS over 8,000 other
jewelry items ie. Mens Rings, Pendants, Bracelets etc .....

We don't provide carat size equivalents for our Jewelry because carats are used to measure diamonds.  CZ stones have a much different mass density, so the comparison would be erroneous.

And Our Jewelry Designers/Creators do not provide us with that info.

What our buyers do is purchase 1 of each item they would like to offer to their buyers.
Then, you can take the piece into your local jeweler to find ct. weight.
A Jeweler does not charge much for that service.
Since these are NOT Diamonds, but Swarovski and Austrian Crystals,
you do not need to pay extra to have a jeweler define the color, clarity and cut.

We do provide the Color and Cut Already In Our Descriptions. :-)

What is the difference between 10k, 14k, 18k and 24k gold.
Does the higer the number mean more or less gold?

The term "k" for gold is an old one and is based on 24k being pure gold.
The reason gold is alloyed down to 18k, 14k and 10k is to make it useable for jewelry.

The Higher The Gold Content the softer the Piece.
Pure gold is very soft like lead, and jewelry pieces may lose their shape.
The Alloys used in 14k and 10k give the piece more strength.

10k and 14k Gold Is the Preferred due to it's strength and
durabilaty for daily use.

Are there any metals in your jewelry which cause allergic reactions?

We use only high quality metals in our Sterling Silver and 10k Gold.
We do Offer Rhodium Plated Items for People that are Allergic to Some Metals.
Rhodium was discovered between 1803 and 1804 in South America. Rhodium occurs
Natively with Platinum Metals in River Sands of the Urals and in North and South America.
The Metal is Silvery White and has a Higher Melting point and Lower Density than Platinum.
It does Not Contain Nickel and It is Highly Reflective, Hard and Durable.

Are half sizes available?

On some of our items yes, and we include the 1/2 sizes when available
But, 99 out of 100 people can be perfectly fit by whole ring sizes

Are Chains Included With Your Pendants?

We are already offering the buyers choice of a 16" or 18" Chain With Our Pendants.
Some Of The Items Have Not Been Updated, So Email Us If You Do Not See The Choice On That items Page.  In Majority of our email Sales, Chains are included.


Do You Provide Drop-Shipping?

What we recommend for e-bayers is that when you place and pay for your order, do NOT list your ordered items
on Ebay until you receive a notice from us notifying that your order is in.


For Purchases Made From Your Website etc....Make sure that you Supply us with your Buyers Full Name, Mailing (Shipping Address), The Size (If a ring), Length (Chain, Bracelet etc.)  (Affiliates Only)

Please be informed that their orders May take up to 2 - 4 weeks for delivery (on Not in Stock Items)

When We Ship To Your Buyer, We use as the Return Address....
Your buyers will never know it was shipped from our office and will not be aware of who we are.
We DO ask that you send us YOUR COMPANY NAME and MAILING ADDRESS, or Just your Full Name And Address.

If you have Business Cards that you would like included in your Drop-Shipped Orders,
Please make sure that you send them to us  :-)

[X] Your buyer places a $20.00 Order Through You
[X] You place the order through our website
[X] You will be charged for shipping when checking out through our cart.
[X] We will Invoice You Extra For:
[X] Typing Your Invoice To Send With The Order To Your Buyer.
[X] Using The Best Suited Shipping Package....Bubble mailer or Box


Can I print out my order and mail it in with a check?

Yes, you may mail in your order with a Business Check or Postal Money Order
Please remember that we do not accept Personal Checks
Make payable to Wholesale Jewelry Connection c/o Eugenia Bivines.
(NEVER send CASH through the mail!)

Our Mailing Address Is:
Wholesale Jewelry Connection
39820 E 184 Th st
Rayville, Missouri 64084.

Our Product Availability and Pricing:
We have made every attempt to eliminate the possibility that an item displayed
for sale is no longer available. However, because our inventory is constantly changing,
product availability and pricing might change before we have an opportunity to update our Web site.

Wholesale Jewelry Connection Accepts No Responsibility For Shipping Errors Related To Incorrect Shipping Addresses Provided To Us By The Buyer.

If your package is returned to our office due to insufficient address, Undeliverable,
Or Party Has Moved And Did Not Leave A Forwarding Address.  We will contact you with the email address you provided or the phone number that you have provided.

If you do not respond to our emails or calls within 30 days, The items will go back into our inventory and there will be no refund.



Copyright 2004 - 2008
Wholesale Jewelry Connection
All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2004 - 2008
Wholesale Jewelry Connection
All Rights Reserved