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Let's Face It, In today's busy society and big business, it's hard to find the "human side" anymore with computer's running majority of business's.

At Wholesale Jewelery Connection we want each and every consumer to know that we personally handle every inquiry and order by hand.

We are here to support each customer as the way we
would want to be treated - with respect.

Our customers are not only our customers, but our friends :-)

"The customer service is spectacular and the jewelry even MOREspectacular.  This is QUALITY jewelry! Do NOT be fooled by other companies who offer jewelry at lower prices - their products CANNOT compare withWhat you get from Wholesale Jewelry Connection.

I am having sooooooo much fun!!
The jewelry you offer is ALWAYS excellent quality and you offer the best prices! My friends, family and CUSTOMERS can't get enough!"
Thanks so much for your hard work!!!
Sheri Karpa
Milwaukee, OR.

I just wanted to add a little tidbit here about something. I was just thinking…for the umpteenth millionth time… what a great person you must be in person.

You are an unbelievably unique, wonderful person and that can never be said enough about you.

There's not many out there that would give a hoot about the wants
and concerns of others as you do. Most would just be pushing people to make money for them without any other regards.

I was also trying to remember if I ever went on the site and gave you all of the feedback for the wonderful service and experiences
that I had in doing business with you? If I didn't, I am really sorry and would love to rectify that A.S.A.P.
God Bless!

Consider it rectified! LOL!

You know, I was going to email you yesterday and tell you that you just amaze me. The way you are so on top of things and all the time you put into e-mailing and updating and ect.... Just thought you would like to know that.
Elizabeth Whaley

Awwwwww Thank You......but I NEED to keep our buyers up-to-date with everything.


Hi Eugenia!
Last weekend (15 May 2004) I was the participant in a Home Business Show. I was able to show people how to become their own business owners.

My wife and I were at the grocery store. They have a bulletin board and it is usually filled with items to sell or items wanted, and so on.
On this day there was only one piece of paper hanging on it.
So I walked by and saw that they were having a Home Business Fair.

As I walked through the store with my wife, I started wondering if I could get in on this fair and hopefully promote my business.
It was Wednesday and the fair was on Saturday. I was going to have to hurry if I was to get in this!

Now I did not have much time to prepare. But I had some Jewelry, my catalog was printed and I had a few items already printed.
I had the last 2 sales ads printed and I went to Kinkos and had
them make me up some flyers for the fair.
I made some poster boards with stuff about my company
and how people could sell the jewelery.

I gave away a ring of their choice to one lucky person.
I talked to about 100 people in a 4 hour time span.
I sold my rings and took orders from people who wanted them.
I sold 4 Rings for $20.00 a piece.

These rings I bought from the sales that Pamela has every week and daily ads. I purchase only 1 of each size of the rings I think will sell. I also buy a few pendants, necklaces and bracelets. I had business cards available for people to take. Each card has my name and business name, but it also has my website on it.

Everyone that saw the jewelry was in awe. They expected the jewelry to cost 5 to 6 times more than it did. When I explained that I sold at Wholesale the people did not believe me as one lady pointed out the Rings were Top Quality to be sold at wholesale.

It was fun to watch thee peoples faces as I would ask what ring they liked and then asked them how much they thought the ring cost.
When they gave me the price I would then tell them what I was selling it for. Most were shocked and asked how I could sell so low?

So I would tell them how the jewelry was made and they stood and listened. Sometimes I had 10 or 12 people listening at the same time! It was great!

At this fair I sold the Rings that I had with me and took over $120 in orders! I spent 5 hours there. It was a very neat experiance.

Thank You,
Wil Honsvick

We Enjoy Working with Pamela because she not only has the finest quality jewelry at the lowest prices on the 'Net, But also She and Her Staff have a TREMENDOUS customer service record.

"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for your email.
Times are rough right now, but when I opened your email and read it I realized that there is more to your company than just jewelry!
I felt I was searching for something this morning and I found it when I opened this. A little peace a little love and alot of GOD!!!

Thanks again for this blessing, may God bless you and your business!!!! If God brought you to it, He'll bring you through it!!!"

"I have searched all over the Internet for a home business.
I've scoured through Ebay and paid out lots of hard earned cash
only to be ripped off time and time again.
I could never understand why people just weren't honest and presented a business offer that would help (profit) both the seller and reseller alike.

God was looking out for me one particular day and I found Pamela's site. Not only does Wholesale Jewelry Connection offer a great product line but also GREAT support."

I really feel I've met a friend in Pamela. She has gone way ahead
the call of duty and really cares.

We are still in the building stages of our business and Pamela has
been here for us every step of the way.

The jewelry that we have received is excellent quality. My daughter wants to order 1 of everything it looks like from the list she left me!

We can't thank you enough Eugenia for all you personally have done for us. We LOVE the jewelry and feel very confident in representing your fine line to everyone we know and to the many prospective customers we are seeking."

Sheri & Chantal Chaney

"I needed help picking out a Wedding Band Set. I emailed Genia and asked for her advise. She helped me find the "perfect" set.
She even placed the engagement ring in a beautiful ring box
so that when I made my offer on my knee, the presentation was perfect.

Oh! By the way.........She said "YES!"
Thank You Eugenia For Your Exceptional customer service.

woo hoooooooo Way To Go Tim!
Hope I get an Invite (wink)

"Over the last two decades, I've tried to have people NOT get
in a business they "can earn lots of money with" but rather a business they TRULY LOVE serving their customers, patients, clients, donors with.

Now as for me, my beta experience with " Wholesale Jewelry Connection" has "infected" me positively with the "Sell Quality Jewelry" bug.

I really enjoy the response I have receive from my buyers.
I am getting the vision Pamela had for me in serving lots of folks but not to go beyond my competence.

Eugenia embodies everything one should look for in not only a
jewelry business advisor, but a businesswoman... integrity, wit, follow up and, from personal experience, following through with Reps and consistently going above and beyond the call--or what she was paid to provide!

I am so blessed that our paths crossed."
Steve Lanning
Hagerstown, MD.

"Finally! An online wholesale jewelry source that
not only produces GREAT jewelry but with prices that ensure a profit!

Eugenia, I'll be back again and again.
Thanks for having a great site and keeping things running smoothly.
Deborah Rinston

"I just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate your site
and everything you do for me. Your Company provides excellent customer service and I have certainly reaped benefits from it."
Jenny S.

"I just want to tell you, that you're the best on the web, # 1!
Wish you lots of resellers and great success!"
Sofia Parnell.

" Wholesale Jewelry Connection is the Best Internet Jewelry Wholesale source
I have seen to date!"
Barry M.

"Hi, I have not been a member for to long but I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with your one on one customer service.
I also want to thank you for putting such a wonderful site on the internet.
Thank you"
Al Winters

"Dear Eugenia, Due to an almost fatal auto accident, I have been paralyzed from my waist down and I have not been able to work out of my home.

I have tried all of those "Get Rich Quick" Schemes that are
plastered all over the internet, without making a penny!

A friend guided me to your wholesale site. I was VERY impressed with the pricing (I still don't understand how you are making any money with those prices!)

I am familiar with ebay, since I have had to sell quite a few of my belongings just to pay my rent!
I wrote to you with my plea for help to get me started and Eugenia, you have got the biggest heart I have ever encountered!
Sending me jewelry to get started on ebay AT NO CHARGE just floored me!!!
As you know, I have already paid back 1/2 of what I owed you for that jewelry by selling on ebay.

If ANYONE is looking for a WONDERFUL way to make a living online.
Don't look any further than Wholesale Jewelry Connections!

Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me!
Danny Ruiz
New Mexico

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