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Gemstone Guide - The 4 C's
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Gemstone Guide - The 4 C's

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While there are no ‘official’ 4Cs for grading colored gems as there are with diamond grading, many of the same principals apply.
Here are the 4Cs as they apply to colored gemstones:


You should look for stones that have good clarity --no blemishes, cracks or severe inclusions.

Of course, in lighter colored stones, it may be less important than in darker stones that have deeper colors that can mask blemishes. However, flawlessness in colored gems is even more rare than in diamonds.


Since diamonds gain their highest value from their absence of color, it follows that the most important “C” when it comes to colored gemstones, naturally, is Color.

Their color should be vivid, even and saturated throughout the entire stone.
Unfortunately, there doesn’t yet exist a standardized system for evaluating the color of gemstones, like the GIA scale used in evaluating diamonds.


A gemstone’s cut does not affect its value to the same extent that it does with a diamond. However, its cut does affect the depth of the color seen, the size of the gem and the liveliness of the stone.

A stone with good color will only be enhanced by a good cut, while a poorly cut colored gemstone can turn out looking dead and lifeless. In gemstones, the deeper the cut, the deeper the color.


As with diamonds, weight in colored gems is measured in Carats. One carat is 200 milligrams. Bear in mind that size and weight are not the same thing, since some gemstone materials are denser and therefore heavier than other stones of the same size. Since stones of different species occur in different sizes, their rarity at certain sizes can affect their value.

Gemstone Grading Certificates

Unlike the diamond industry, the use of certificates or grading reports
for colored gems is relatively new and lacks a worldwide standard.
Consequently, very few stones are actually accompanied by such reports.
They are very useful, however, in determining if a particular stone is natural or created and if they have been treated or enhanced in any way.

Ultimately, the best way to determine a stone’s quality is to have a trained jeweler look at them.

Always make sure your finger size before you place ring order. If you are not sure about your finger size, you can use our "Finger Sizer" chart for a guide. If buying for a friend, just ask him or her to do the Step 1 and 2.

Use a ruler to get the size over the phone. You can than use our "Ring Size Table" to find the relative size # match the length. If you do not find the size # match exactly the same as the length, always order one size up, so it will not get too small to wear.

Step 1: Cut a straight strip of paper about the size of
3 inches (long)* 1/2 inch (wide).
Step2: Wrap around your finger the paper strip.
Place a mark where the end meets the Strip

Step3: Place the mark on the "X" of this finger size chart and just print out. Extend the paper strip, the # indicates at the end of the paper strip is the correct finger size.


January Garnet
February Amethyst
March Aquamarine
April Diamond
May Emerald
June Alexandrite
July Ruby
August Peridot
September Blue Sapphire
October Rose Zircon
November Golden Topaz
December Blue Zircon


January Ruby
February Garnet
March Amethyst
April Bloodstone
May Sapphire
June Agate
July Emerald
August Onyx
September Carnelian
October Peridot
November Beryl
December Topaz


1ST Peridot
2ND Red Garnet
3RD Jade
4TH Blue Zircon
5TH Pink Tourmaline
6TH Turquoise
7TH Yellow Sapphire
8TH Tanzanite
9TH Amethyst
10TH Blue Sapphire
11TH Citrine
12TH Opal
13TH Moonstone
14TH Agate
15TH Rhodolite
16TH Red Spinel
17TH Carnelian
18TH Aquamarine
19TH Garnet
20TH Yellow Diamond
25TH Tsavorite
30TH Pearl
35TH Emerald
40TH Ruby
45TH Cat's Eye
50TH Imperial Topaz
60TH Star Ruby
65TH Blue Spinel
70TH Smoky Topaz
75TH Diamond

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